Using all available resources can give traders an edge when trading cryptocurrencies. Understanding these tools and their concepts and taking the time to configure your bot properly can increase the chances of making profitable trades and reducing your risk. With the proper setup, it’s possible to take advantage of even the most volatile crypto markets.

The first paid account license costs $49 per month, or $39 per month when paying for an entire year. Called the Pro account, this license features up to $100,000 in monthly trading volume. The user can utilize 10 bots at a time and 100 backtests per day. The Unlimited license is aimed at more serious traders demanding unlimited capacity for monthly trading limits, daily backtests, and the number of bots running simultaneously. This license costs $99 per month, or $79 per month when paying for an entire year.

  • Pionex is a crypto exchange with built-in trading bots, and you have access to 12 unique training bots at no extra fee.
  • Crypto trading bots aren’t an instant path to success, though.
  • Floyd Mayweather is a professional boxer and a reigning champion.
  • Order prices in the grid are distributed according to the percentage of price change overlap specified in the crypto trading bot settings.

Here are our top 3 recommended crypto trading bots to use for automated buying and selling of cryptocurrency. Crypto trading bots work by connecting to a crypto exchange’s API . The bots can then access the data from the exchange, such as current prices, order books, and trade history.

Bad Robots / Bitcoin Robot Scams

Floyd Mayweather is a professional boxer and a reigning champion. Although Mayweather is a huge fan of cryptocurrency, yet, we can’t same the same about bitcoin. He attended a bitcoin event in Miami where he downplayed bitcoin to say that another crypto will come up big just like bitcoin. He might have invested in bitcoin, but nothing is confirming his endorsement of trading bots. The automatic trading systems are available 24/7 without tiring.

The only difference with trading bots is that the program automatically executes trades on your behalf via market data. Today, many new investors wonder what a cryptocurrency trading bot is and if it can really help them. Humanity has advanced technology high enough so that simple algorithms that thrive on data have completely revolutionized multiple industries today. One of them, the finance industry, has radically changed in the past decades as a result. Not only did the internet and new microchips help increase trading accessibility and speed, but they also changed the means of trading. Therefore, we no longer have to phone our broker and tell him which stocks to buy or sell.

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Although it is possible to make money on the market without a plan, it is not possible to achieve your goal. Markets are dominated by emotions, which is why people lose money consistently. Automated trading accounts for 70 to 80 percent in the stock market.


Cryptohopper is a 24/7 trading bot that hosts its services entirely using cloud storage. This means that the bot experiences no downtime and updates are served without interrupting your trading or putting a halt on your account. Even when your network is offline, your Cryptohopper account will continue working. Plus, the Smart Trade terminal allows traders to set up stop-loss, take profit, trailing in one trade. This bot encrypts your data using SHA 256 and helps you conduct marketing indexes in fewer efforts.

There is a mixed response among the community to this question. Some people have traded with bots and earned a profit, while others have lost money. The correct answer is that bots really do work when you have backtested your strategies and made sure that the math adds up. The platform is highly secure as it doesn’t have access to any of the funds. How the Shrimpy bot works are Users can connect all their accounts from different exchanges and monitor their portfolios easily. TradeSanta provides a 3-day free trial after registering an account.